Venus Pro 190

Sublimatic printer 190cm

  • Two or three very high resolution heads (3200dpi)
  • Chipless bulk ink supply system
  • Heaters and dryers included as standard
  • Frictioned rewinder (with swinger) included
  • High precision bidirectional motors
  • Printing light: 1800mm
  • Rip Software (SAI Flexiprint) included
  • Cleaning during printing

Main technical data

Print heads 2 o 3 very high resolution heads (3200dpi) Printing width 1800 mm
Inks Sublimatic 100% Green - Four colours configuration (CMYK) Heaters NO
Drying system Front dryers Rewinder Frictioned (with swinger) included
Printer suitable for indirect sublimation printing to be subsequently transferred onto fabrics (cotton, blends and synthetic fibers) by means of a sublimation press or calender.

Print speed (3 pass / 3 heads)


120 sqm/h

Draft mode


82 sqm/h

Standard mode


66 sqm/h

Quality mode