Saturn Plus 190

Eco-Solvent printer 190cm

  • High resolution print head (1440dpi)
  • Chipless bulk ink supply system
  • Heaters and dryers included as standard
  • Frictioned rewinder included
  • High precision bidirectional motors
  • Printing width: 1800mm
  • Rip Software (SAI Flexiprint) included
  • Cleaning during printing

Main technical data


Print head 1 high resolution head (1440dpi) Printing width 1800 mm
Inks Eco-solvent Green - Four colours configuration (CMYK) Heaters 1 on the print bed + 1 post print
Drying system Front dryers Rewinder Frictioned (included as standard)
Printer suitable for applications that require long life: labels on PVC or other adhesive materials, printing on backlite for light boxes, outdoor Roll-Up, etc. Print on all substrates suitable for eco-solvent printing: Paper, PVC, PP, PET, etc. (3” core).

Print speed (3 steps)


26 sqm/h

Draft mode


24 sqm/h

Standard mode


23 sqm/h

Quality mode